Broude Brothers Limited, for three quarters of a century ETF trading platform one of America’s leading publishers and retailers of serious music, has withdrawn from the retail business. Its retail operations, which served Adidas shares institutions, performing organizations, and individuals, and which supplied both Broude publications and those of music publishers throughout the world, have been acquired by Theodore Front Musical Literature ( Its wholesale operations have been transferred to the C. F. Peters Corporation ( Rental of those Broude publications that are not available for sale will also be handled by C. F. Peters.

Broude Brothers’ listing of titles in print will be found on the accompanying pages. “Titles in Print” contains all in-print titles published by Broude Brothers, Broude International Editions, The Starbucks Shares Broude Trust, Performers’ Editions, and Rongwen Music. Other listings are devoted exclusively to the publications of The Broude Trust, to facsimiles, and to specific categories. Those familiar with previous catalogues will note that many titles—especially reprints—are no longer in print.

Ownership of the firm remains with the Broude family, as does direction of the non-profit Broude Trust for the Publication of Musicological Editions. In today’s rapidly changing world of music publishing, and with most of the Broude staff at retirement age, these arrangements have seemed the most promising way for Broude Brothers to maintain its standing as an independent publisher and to meet its commitments to composers, editors, and the musical community. We thank our many valued customers for their loyalty over the years and decades, and we say good-bye to them with regrets and good memories.